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Bulldog Gutter Guard is Guaranteed Not To Clog for 25 Years

The manufacturers of the Bulldog Gutter Guard are so confident that their leaf protection solution works that they offer a warranty for the life of your gutters. Request a free quote today.

Next Day Gutters is a Certified Bulldog Leaf Protection Installer

Bulldog is a great choice for leaf protection. It is economical, it can handle heavy rains, and it is guaranteed not to clog for 25 years.

    • Fits new or existing gutters
    • Does not interfere with roof shingles
    • Invisible from the ground
    • Can handle any downpour
    • Unique front and rear attachment strengthens entire gutter
    • Prevents animals and birds from nesting
    • Made from 98% recycled aluminum
    • Patented ribbed design encourages airflow to lift debris off with a gentle breeze
    • Available in white and dark bronze
    • Available for 5”, 6” or 7” gutters
    • Download a Bulldog gutter guard brochure
    • Not ready for gutter protection from leaves? We offer gutter cleaning contracts.
Bulldog Protects Your Gutters Against:
  • Oak tree leaves
  • “Helicopters” and tassels
  • Acorns and caps
  • Pine needles and sponges
  • Rotted material
  • Twigs and sticks
  • Pine cones
  • Shingle grit
  • Bird nests

Bulldog Gutter Guard installation in marylandThe Bulldog Gutter Guards Guarantee

When installed by Next Day Gutters,  you will never have a gutter or downspout clog again…EVER! The manufacturer is so confident in the performance of this system they guarantee your gutter will remain clog-free for 25 years.

How much rainfall can Bulldog gutter guards handle?

The panels have been testing with at least 14” of rain in an hour. In reality, anything beyond several inches of rain in an hour would be truly catastrophic. Be wary of competitors that claim to handle ridiculous amounts of rainfall. Some companies will try to use huge numbers to lure you to focus on a product that may have serious deficiencies.

Will the installation change the appearance of my home?

No, the low-profile design is virtually invisible after installation.

Will Bulldog work with my existing gutters?

Yes, it will install over existing gutters. Next Day Gutters will clean and tighten your gutters before installation.

Will Bulldog Gutter Guards help to prevent ice dams?

The formation of ice dams is a result of inadequate insulation and ventilation. Installing panels will not prevent or cause ice dams. However, the Bulldog panels can aid in reducing the accumulation of ice in your gutters – this can help prevent ice damage such as gutter seam separation, hanger loosening, and gutters detaching from the house.

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